psyche interventions
1. The  emotional intelligence group therapy program
2. The beyond Boundaries group therapy program
3. Codependency unraveled group therapy program

4. Individual Psychotherapy

5. Couples  psychotherapy
6. Family psychotherapy
7. Addiction counseling
8. Grief counseling
9. Art and play therapy for both children and adults geared towards set treatment goals
Our team is made up of highly trained and accredited Psychologists. We offer our services online via zoom, WhatsApp and phone call as well us in person. 
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What comes to mind when you hear the word psyche ? (pronounced as /s/a/i/k/i/)

If your understanding is both the Conscious, unconscious as well us subconscious parts of the human mind then you are correct. We at Psyche-Interventions focus on bringing to light the dynamics of the human mind as a whole to enable all the parts to work in harmony, to help our clients understand their behavior and inturn find ways to modify or improve where needed.

We understand how quality mental health services can be hard to access or afford due to cost or even lack of proper refferals. We hence focus on ensuring that our programs and services are of quality and are also affordable to individuals.

You have probably heard of the saying that the body keeps a score; well so does the mind. Due this, we have made it our responsibility to offer our services to you.

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