What to consider when looking for a psychotherapist

When looking for a practitioner to offer you mental health services, one can experience anxiety due to doubt of whether you will find a skilled professional who will offer you the support you need and that is okay. It means you want the best for yourself.

  1. Education background.

Before embarking on this journey of healing with that service provider ask  about their education background, what did they study, for how long and in which institution.

2. Professional body.

Ask which proffessional body they are registered with and their number of registration. The professional bodies ensure that the service providers have met the qualifications needed to be a practitioner.

To confirm membership ask to see their membership card or their license if practicing in their own private practice and confirm it is not expired.

3. Personal development and clinical supervision

Ask if he or she goes for supervision. personal development sessions are important because we are human beings and we all have our challenges in life. One can’t help if they’re not taking care of themselves. Clinical supervision is also important because every professional requires a mentor or supervisor whom to learn from.

Importance of asking these questions.

There is a risk of experiencing harm in the process of recieving mental health services from a professional who is not qualified.  You see being hurt mentally by someone who says is a proffessional is dangerous because you trust that person so your guard is off.

It is important to be cautious because your mind is your biggest asset. You don’t want to entrust it to the wrong person since it is hard to know when it is being hurt unlike with physical harm where the body starts feeling pain. Therefore, let’s be vigilant do this whether you are paying for the service or not; it’s your right to know.

The mental health profession has a science to it and it takes years to master the research based science behind human behaviour and the human mind. Take the responsibility of asking for all the other information then make an informed decision.

Psyche-Interventions has a registered and licensed  psychologist with the Kenya Psychological Association (KPsyA). We take the health of our clients seriously therefore our psychologist also receives personal and clinical supervision on a regular basis.

Are you looking for someone to walk with you and give you psychological services? Contact us today on 0708146415 or email psycheinterventionske@gmail.com. We will give you a free thirty minutes session for you to make any enquiries you would like to make in order  to help you see if you will get what you are looking for from us.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”.


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